1) Lodbrock products are handcrafted and intended for rigorous sexual activities with adults. By removing the seal on products or removing a product from its packaging, you agree and confirm that you have read and understand all installation- and usage-instructions and that you undertake usage of the product(s) at your own risk. If you use it, you own it and Lodbrock will not accept returns of items removed from their packaging.

2) Before you start to play, please inspect the contents of your shipment thoroughly: Make sure no parts are loose and are tightly attached. Failure to check for loose parts voids Lodbrock of any responsibility for resulting damages or distress.

3) Lodbrock products are almost completely from natural products. Our products are intended for use only indoors and under dry conditions. Do not use our products outdoors or under wet conditions. In particular, make sure the floor surface you are using the products on has good traction and is not slippery. Failure to observe these points voids Lodbrock of any responsibility for resulting damages or distress.

4) All our products are intended for use ONLY by people over the age of 21 in full possession of their faculties.

4.1) Our products are only intended for play between consenting adults. These products are not intended to detain or restrain anyone against their will. To do so is against the law. Informed consent is a vital part of all role playing activities. At all times, all parties involved MUST know what they are doing, give their consent and have a means to stop the play when they no longer wish to participate. If you are entering into BDSM or fetish-play, it is standard practice to establish a "safe word” in advance. A safe word is a code word understood by all parties and means 'Stop, right now! I'm serious.' Your safe word should be something you won't forget and that won't come up in any other context. Many people use the safe words "Green-Yellow-Red:" Green means, "Everything's fine," Yellow means "Don't stop, but be careful. I am at or close to my limit," Red means "Stop everything right now."

4.2) Furthermore, we do not condone the use of our products while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, when ill or suffering from an injury. Play safe at all times.

4.3) We make our products for enjoyment purposes only. Use them carefully and consensually. While they are intended for play, the design and function are very serious. Only and always use responsibly in a consensual environment. User(s) assume all risk and liability for using our products.

5)  The Schlossmeister line has been designed with an aged and antiquated style at the forefront. Over time, some chipping will occur to some surfaces. This is intentional and enhances the antiquated look and feel of the products. If you prefer a continuous black look, just use a black edging marker pen to touch up the relevant spot.

6) Orders from Zone A and B (Europe and Mainland USA) are free of import duties as we have distribution centres in the USA and Europe. If you are ordering for delivery to a country outside Zone A or B (examples: Canada, Japan, Russia, Korea, Brazil) then you are responsible for any import duties or taxes. Lodbrock Ltd. sells you the product only and Lodbrock Ltd. is in no way accountable for any import duties that may be incurred.