About us

Diversity, creativity and quality have been present from the very beginnings of Lodbrock: Frank is a successful entrepreneur, Torben is a master craftsman and Paul is an award-winning media specialist. What they all share in common is a love of imaginative and fulfilling erotic play. The storm was raging hard in Berlin the night this group of like-minded people met up. What began as idle banter turned into a fascinating conversational journey into eroticism, changing social attitudes, storytelling and the innate qualities of craftsmanship.

All were agreed: there was simply too much junk on the market. Overpricing and slow delivery were also major problems all over the world. The need for high-quality erotic products at affordable prices and delivered quickly was clear. The small team were enthusiasts, kink friendly, and proficient - and. as ever, could not resist a challenge. The task was on to design and develop reliable, stylish and high-quality products. Above and beyond that, the group agreed that kink and fetish work best within imagined worlds, within stories. We needed to bring the fantasies to life. This is what makes Lodbrock unique. We create collections based upon imagined worlds. By shaping and developing lines of equipment and products we can construct fantasies for the customer to choose from. The first Schlossmeister Collection is heavily influenced by the Germanic Middle-Ages and of course those first style and design concepts stemmed from that stormy night in Germany's capital.

When the first modest Lodbrock catalogue was launched at the Berlin Venus Messe the reaction from the public was overwhelming. It had been preceded by 10 months of arduous product development, problem solving, the organisation of craftsmen, carpentry workshops, metal forges, optimisation of logistics and shipping issues, testing, improving, more testing and more improvement.

Over time the group has gathered in size and come into contact with an even wider range of wonderful people who brought with them a fascinating mixed bag of experiences, ideas and natural instincts. Lodbrock has spread from its initial German roots into an international synergy with a large dedicated team across Europe, North America and Asia.

At the end of the day it is about mutual pleasure and the name Lodbrock is your guarantee of unrivalled quality. Our ingenious designs, unique styles, attention to detail and skilled craftsmanship are what make Lodbrock special.


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