The device created for multiple ejaculations and prostate orgasms.

Emptying his balls has never been this much fun. The Lodbrock Milking Plate has been specially designed to get your man into the perfect submissive position for you to squeeze as much cum out of him as possible, time and time again. Already tested by Bavarian milk maids, this milking plate has been known to make men yodel. As far as BDSM milking equipment goes, the Lodbrock Milking Plate sets new standards, it is fetish gear that wont let you down.

The milking plate has 4 holes, 2 for the wrists, 2 for the ankles with padded genuine leather inlays that keep your submissive man comfortable while you are realizing his full potential. Once positioned with the milking plate you have free access to his hard cock, his swollen balls and his tingling anus. He is restrained, exposed and wanting.

Once you learn to take full advantage of this device you will be stroking his rock hard shaft, stroking his balls, deep massaging his swollen prostate, listing to his moans of delight. But do not forget, as he begs you for more, more, more, you are in control. You decide when he explodes and shoots thick wads of creamy cum in waves of orgasmic pleasure. It is up to you what you do with the fresh creamy goodness. The more the merrier as nutritionally cum is packed with zinc, magnesium and fructose. Its delicious, its nutritious.

The scent of pine wood, the feel of genuine leather and the coolness of solid metal works together with you to take your milking & prostate sessions to the next level - to drain his sack entirely and widen his irises still further.

Depending on how you want to play on any give day, you can place the milking plate in a variety of different play positions. It is fitted with 4 metal D-Rings, which allow you to hang it vertically or horizontally from suitable chains. Hang it high or low or take it freestyle without chains on your sofa, floor, bed or kitchen table.

It is a piece of equipment for all seasons as your fingers wander up his garden path. Regardless of which position you choose it is perfect for pegging your man, massaging his prostate till the cows come home or tying his hot balls and cock tight.

P1040315JEePNGMEJiuw1One notorious Bavarian milk maid insists in order to get maximum milk yield, it is essential that when the milking begins that the balls are being brushed softly and the bum is spanked pink. Then commence slowly sucking his hard shaft and slapping his swelling balls. He will have the hardest hard on, his balls will be close to bursting, his prostate pleasure will awaken and he will be happily thankful.

Milking him in the Lodbrock Milking Plate will always make him thankful. Come and Play.


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