The Carrot and the Stick

At this time of year I tend towards anal play, maybe it`s the humidity that brings it out in me. But whether you favour foot tickling, bastinado, spanking, or toy play, the Lodbrock Foot Stocks have been built for all such occasions. The medieval styled stocks restrain both the hands and feet. They can be used freestyle or hung vertically or horizontally at any height from ropes or chains.


The Foot Stocks are effective and easy to use and will immobilize any sub. Unlike the majority of BDSM stocks you will see there out there in the wild, the Lodbrock Foot Stocks perform their function in a stylish way. Coming with the sophisticated Schlossmeister aged-surface treatment and custom-made mountings, these handcrafted instruments of lust display a true beauty their historical ancestors never had.


By restraining the exposed feet of any restrained sub, these hand-aged wooden restraints are perfect for tickling games. This relatively gentle, playful form of erotic play and dominant control avoids pain and it leaves no marks. Though your partner may cry with laughter. It offers a wonderful release and forces the person being tickled to lose all control. You may need some tissues. Longer tickling sessions can also lead to orgasm. When is start with feathers and then progress to light tickling with my fingers combined with talking sensually, it often leads to multiple orgasms after about 15 minutes.


Another way to play with these BDSM foot stocks is to instigate foot caning. While tickling is a lighter form of kinky activity, caning the feet or “Bastinado” is very heavy impact play. The Lodbrock foot stocks cover the whole range. Tease your partner as you wish and demand what you will as they wriggle in the restaints. It is a classic case of the carrot and the stick in one device.

Placing your submissives face down in the Lodbrock foot stocks, their bums are exposed and are easy to work on. Just the plain sight of the extended butt invites to deeper investigations. Face up the once private parts are surrendered to your will.

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But like I said, the sunny months are here and I want my partner restrained with arse up for me to play with. At least until Autumn comes.

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