There will come a time, once you have mastered the basics of BDSM techniques, after you have been thrilled by your first adventures with fetish play or kinky games, that your heart will yearn for more. When you are ready to shift into higher gears, Lodbrock has spent one year developing just the right tool for the occasion. Time to move up in the world.

The Schlossmeister Suspension Bar is your friend – a versatile handcrafted bondage tool for rope and chain play, vertical or horizontal thrills, high up or low down.  It has been developed for all levels of play, be it light domestic play, Shibari suspensions, or hard core suspension sessions. It looks sexy as hell with its` metre long span or wood and metal (that`s 40 inches in length for all you imperial size-queens out there) stretching out before or above you.

Unlike other suspension bars on the market, the unique Lodbrock Suspension Bar is made entirely out of hand-aged wood and blackened strengthened metal. The glulam style method of construction guarantees a high load-bearing capacity. The gorgeous wooden finish is complemented by the structured black metal fittings and base plates that wrap around its` body. Strength combined with beauty – complex production processes have created a solid minimalist device that exists in its own right as a work of art.

Reach for your chains, ropes, handcuffs, collars, leg restraints, as the 10 custom casted d-rings are wide enough and strong enough to fulfill your suspension wishes. Hang your subs, a slaves, or shibari models perpendicular or parallel to the floor, or flip them upside down and hang them from ankles as well. The 10 d-rings are there for your fun – use your imagination. Moving beyond dual suspension points (two handcuffs for example) multiple tensions and utilizing 5, 6 or 7 tension / suspension points dramatically heightens the sense of freedom that blossoms from the safely suspended vulnerability that a submissive feels.

Whereas some rope bunnies like to simply hang in the orgasmic delight of suspension, others will enjoy hanging from the suspension bar as you stimulate their body, tease them, play with their genital and erogenous zones. Safely and securely you can delight in vertical or horizontal play via suspension and restraint with Lodbrock Suspension Bar.

In the event that you want to stretch and restrain your secretary's arms or keep those pesky legs out of your way, the exquisite wooden Suspension Bar also doubles  as an incredible spreader bar. When your pet`s , baby girl`s, or sub`s legs are held apart by something this optically formidable and heavy duty, they will know their holes and zones are going to take some serious treatment. They will yield.

Take things to a more creative level by exploring the techniques of Japanese Shibari. Unleash your creativity. Our carpenter`s did with our friend Coco Katsura, the Japanese Shibari Artist and the result was the glorious Suspension Bar to beat all suspension bars.  Where will the compositions you create take you? Let us know. We would love to see your kinky art or fetish work.

As an added bonus: the Suspension Bar works seamlessly with all other Schlossmeister products via the standard fittings and chain sizes we have developed.

Come and play.

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