You can find the devil in the details. Although our leather inlays provide more comfort for wrists, ankles and necks, they were prone to movement once play sessions became more active. We needed a way to hold the inlays in place. The solution was to place metal strips inside the inlays and ultra-strong magnets inside the wood. The metal strips are made of `memory metal` that remembers its form and automatically reassumes its original shape if bent or squashed. The leather encases the metal strip and is stitched tightly around it.

While comfort was a deciding factor, to be honest, the last thing you need is a wriggly submissive managing to slide his or her hands out of a restraint position. For comfort the inlays are made from soft leather with sufficient padding internally. The magnets are so strong that your submissive male or female won`t be able to remove their hands, ankles or head from the equipment. While you indulge in your kinky and intimate play, you can rest assured, there will be no escape from Master / Mistress.

The magnets are cylindrical and fastened before shipment into purpose-drilled holes inside the wood. The magnets sit snugly in the wood and are flush with the surface of the wood. They are polarized at the ends and not at the sides.

We looked for the optimal strength and density of the required magnets. The magnetic flux density we selected is 4400 Gauss. The chosen magnetic strength of the magnets makes sure your inlays stay in place yet also makes them easy to remove.

If your partner has a larger body, simply hold the edge of the inlays and pull them away from the magnets in order to remove the inlays.

Small details like the magnetized inlays make a big difference to the quality of your intimate adult play. We are sure you will be heavily attracted to them.white

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