Each and every Lodbrock creation belongs to a unique collection. When you buy a product from us, you are also getting the key to a fantasy world for you to explore. Each Lodbrock collection is unique and captures the spirit of an age or particular theme. The first Lodbrock collection Schlossmeister embraces the Germanic middle-ages. Further collections are already in the concept development stage.


Concept Stage 2: An Asian Jungle theme that embraces the concept of jungle campaigns and adventures. Theme depth is deepened with postmodern references to memories of distant homelands. Think of Bridge on the River Kwai and The Long and the Short and the Tall blended with the eroticism of Ai No Corrida and Tokyo Decadence.


Concept Stage 3: An Opium theme that captures the decadence and dreaminess of the Victorian opium dens. Chasing the dragon amid opulent surroundings. Imagine velvet, silk and fine carved wood. A dreamy mysterious line rich in opulence and decadence.


Concept Stage 4: The Voyager Collection that will be full of Kubrikian references. Anticipate latex, silicon, aluminium and minimalism.