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The world`s first quality BDSM pillory set.

Centered around a hand-aged New Zealand pine pillory, the set comes in a purpose-built wooden case.

The set includes all the equipment and fittings you will require to get started as well as a wonderful selection of handcrafted accessories to enhance your playtime.

Step back in time and into your fantasies with the Schlossmeister handmade pillory set.

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A masterwork of handcraftsmanship. Designed in Germany and created by skilled craftspeople to... more
Product information "Pillory Set"

A masterwork of handcraftsmanship. Designed in Germany and created by skilled craftspeople to the highest levels of quality and dependability currently
existing among sexual equipment. Carefully selected finewoods, leathers and metals casted in-house ensure you of uniqueness and a long lifetime of use.

The design of the wooden pillory enables you to place your partner in a variety of vertical and horizontal positions, be it standing, bending, kneeling, squatting or laying down.
Horizontal positioning is made possible by the supplied triangular chains.

For smaller wrists and necks the pillory comes with three pairs of deluxe stitched leather inlays.
Also providing more comfort, they quickly attach to the ultra-strong magnets built into the wood itself.
Smart solutions to old problems are an integral part of the Lodbrock design process.

The aged sturdy pine pillory has a strong metal hinge at one end and a metal latch for locking at the other end.
Four D-Rings compliment the ends. As with all Schlossmeister products, the edges are structured and strengthened.

A comfortable and stylish premium leather blindfold with leather tassels for binding.
As with all included set items, the style is unique, antiquated and elegant. One size fits all.

When your sub has been really naughty, reach for this fine sophisticated leather paddle with metal rivets to leave a lasting impression.
Strong leather bindings secure the paddle leather to the aged wood and metal handle.

Your friends will envy you as you grasp the solid wood handle and the double-layered strands whoosh through the air.
Feel the weight, enjoy the sound, delight in the horse-tail spread.

The set includes four padded wrist inlays and two padded neck inlays.
Held in place by strong magnets, the comfortable leather inlays can easily be removed for people with larger joints.

All chains and bow shackles have been manufactured in-house.
The set includes two canvas sacks containing 2 x 1.8m of heavy duty chains and 8 bow shackles made to the same high standards.
Lodbrock puts safety first.

Premium-grade steel mounts for fastening chains to ceilings or joists.
The metal is casted in-house and the Lodbrock stamp assures you of quality workmanship.
There are two included in every set.

The Schlossmeister BDSM Pillory Set comes in a beautiful handcrafted cedar box.
Also structured and strengthened at the edges, the box underlines the unique character of Lodbrock’s Schlossmeister BDSM Collection.
A piece of art on its own.

Note: To maximise the fun, all of our Schlossmeister products can easily be daisy chained together! Not all sets contain the round canvas box.

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SPECIFICATIONS Pillory: 96 x 26 x 5 cm Pillory Box: 101 x 41 x 10 cm Total Pillory Set Weight:... more

Pillory: 96 x 26 x 5 cm
Pillory Box: 101 x 41 x 10 cm
Total Pillory Set Weight: 20 kg
Pillory Wrist Holes (without inlays): 70 mm
Pillory Neck Hole (without inlays): 150 mm
Materials: New Zealand pine, cedar, steel, real leather, PU, canvas

1 x Pillory
1 x BDSM Paddle
1 x Flogger
1 x Blindfold
2 x Ceiling Mounts
2 x 1.8 m Chains
8 x Bow Shackles
2 x Chain Triangles
1 x Canvas Box
2 x Canvas Sacks
4 x Leather Wrist Inlays
2 x Neck Inlays
1 x Security Pin
1 x Case

Every item is handmade – surface textures and absolute dimensions may differ slightly.

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